Friday, 03 February 2023

Indian Government make Big decision on Keeping multiple SIMs

Indian Government make Big decision on Keeping multiple SIMs

The Centre government has issued an order to disconnect the phone connections of people with more than nine sim cards. As per the (DoT) Department of Telecommunication, the officials will verify the multiple sims. In the case of non-verification, except for one, all numbers will be deactivated. Six sim cards will be reverified for people staying in J&K and northeast.

As per the latest order, the customer will be given the option to choose the connection they want to keep and deactivate the rest of the links.

DoT said in an order.

"If during the data systematic carried out by DoT, it is found that an individual subscriber who having more than nine mobile connection ( and six in the case of NE, J&K and Assam LSAs) across all the telecom service providers (TSPs), all the mobile connections will be flagged for re-verification," 

The move has checked the incidence of financial crimes, pesky calls, automated calls, and financial crimes. The DoT has asked the telecom operator to remove all identified mobile connections from a database not in use as per the rule.

As per the rule, the outgoing, which includes data services facilities of the "identified mobile connection shall be suspend within 30 days" and "the incoming service shall be suspend within 45 days" in case the subscriber has appeared for verification and exercises his option to surrender, transfer to disconnect mobile connections.

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If subscribers don't appear for re-verification exercises, the identified number will be deactivated within 60 days to be counted from 7th December.

The order said.

"In case of a subscriber with physical disability or hospitalisation or who is on international roaming, will get additional 30 days will be provided...," 

However, suppose the number has been flagged by any law enforcement agencies or financial institution or identified as a pesky caller. In that case, the outgoing facilities will be suspended within five days, incoming within ten days, and complete disconnection within 15 days if no one turns up for verification.