Friday, 03 February 2023

Instagram 5 New Features You Might See Soon

Instagram 5 New Features You Might See Soon

The Instagram social networking platform Instagram keeps updating its app to bring new features to enhance the overall user experience and keep them hinged. The social media giant is gearing up to introduce multiple new and exciting features. According to tipster Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is currently working on five new features that it may soon roll out on its platform. Let’s take a closer look.

The Five Upcoming Features

First on the list is could be an exclusive tab that the Meta-owned company is seemingly planning to add to its platform. The tipster suggests that this tab will allow the creators on the platform to provide exclusive content to their paid members. In simpler words, you can pay your favorite content creators to receive extra free content that will not be visible to regular users.

The next rumored thing which Instagram is working on is the image replies. As pretty much understandable by the name, the new feature will allow the users to reply to the stories using an image. This feature is something that users cannot do right now, and the platform will soon be bringing it as the tipster has also shared some screenshots.

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A similar feature that Instagram might add is the voice note feature. The screenshots suggest that one will see a voice note icon in the typing bar while viewing stories. This unique feature will enable users to reply using their voice instead of typing out the message.

In addition to this, Instagram is also developing a new feature that will allow a user to share posts using a QR code. Even though the platform has multiple options to share images and videos, the addition of QR codes might save you from the additional steps that you have to take for sharing something. But, not much is known about this feature as of yet.

The last feature on the list that Instagram is working on is disappearing messages. These means that users will be able to send their reactions to Stories in Chats with Vanish mode. Once the recipient sees the response to the story, it just disappears. The Vanish mode is already available in Instagram chats.