Wednesday, 07 December 2022

Golden retriever dog master the ‘leave it’ challenge

Golden retriever dog master the ‘leave it’ challenge

If you are a user of social media and kind of dogs, you must have seen many videos of adorable fur babies. Pet parents have also posted interesting challenge videos that showcase dogs reacting to different situations. The video posted on Instagram shows a golden retriever dog taking part in a ‘leave it’ challenge. The ending of this video is lovable to watch as the dog spoiler alert aces the challenge.

The challenge involves leaving food in front of the dog and seeing if it can resist eating the food until it is told to. The dog named Ellie is left with steak and chicken by its human in the video. The human even makes Ellie lick the steak and chicken before he goes away. When the man is gone, the dog seems tempted to eat the food but resists. The dog still hasn’t touched the food when the man returns, so she wins the challenge. The man then lets Ellie eat the food, and she quickly gobbles down the steak before eating the chicken.

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The caption of the video says

“Can Ellie resist steak and chicken?!? The ultimate leave it challenge!”

The post has got more than 44,000 likes and several comments.

Reads another comment.

“Ellie said ‘BOTH’,” commented an Instagram user. “Steak!! With a side of chicken,” wrote another. “Smart move…. Taking both,” said a third. “Her face when she’s alone with the meat is so hilarious,”

Ellie, the golden retriever dog, has more than 2.92 lakh followers on Instagram.

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