Friday, 03 February 2023

Major Changes in Whatsapp

Major Changes in Whatsapp

WhatsApp has introduced multiple new features to curb the spread of fake news and unwarranted messages for India's strong 400 million user base. With end-to-end encryption already in place after 2016, WhatsApp adds more features to limit some of its existing features. The Meta-owned messaging app has been accused of spreading fake news in India and failing to stop the menace. Now with the improved guidelines, WhatsApp aims to correct itself in India.

Although some of the features existed in WhatsApp, it has added critical changes in 'Forward Limits,' 'Limits for Messages,' 'Message Reporting level,' 'View Once,' and 'Disappearing Messages,' etc.

Here are the new guidelines introduced by WhatsApp in India:

Two-Step verification

We recommend users add an extra layer of security to their WhatsApp account by enabling a Two-Step Verification feature that requires a six-digit PIN when resetting and verifying your WhatsApp account if your SIM card is stolen or lost or your phone being compromised.

Lock your WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID

WhatsApp users now can add another blanket of security to their accounts with Face ID, Touch ID for iPhone, and Fingerprints lock for Android Users.

Forward limit

Whatsapp has set a limit on forward messages to just five chats at once, making WhatsApp one of the few messaging services to constrain sharing intentionally. This has reduced the number of delivered messages on WhatsApp in India by over 25%. The counting of forwards occurs on users' devices and is protected by end-to-end encryption, which means only the sender and the recipient's device have a permit to it.

Extra limits for virals msgs

We have set Extra limits for forwards that have been forwarded multiple times. These messages are marked as double arrows and labeled as "Forwarded many times" to indicate they did not originate from close contact and can only be forwarded to one other chat only one time. These changes reduced these kinds of messages by over 70%.

Block, report feature

Unlike regular SMS, WhatsApp provides a simple way for users to block accounts and make reports to WhatsApp if they encounter inappropriate messages. We encouraged users to report troublesome contacts to us. In addition,

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Reporting on Message level

Whatsapp Users can now report accounts to WhatsApp by flagging a specific message. Users need to long-press a message to report and block a user.

Messages Disappearing

Whatsapp has launched 'Disappearing Messages' to let users send messages that vanish from WhatsApp. Once the Messages Disappearing feature is enabled, new messages sent in the individual or group chat will disappear after twenty-four hours, seven days, or ninety days option selected after the user sent, depending on the duration users select.

Once View Feature

We launched the feature 'View Once' for photos and videos that disappear from the chat after being opened for time added by a user, giving users even more control over privacy.

Group settings

WhatsApp's privacy group settings and invite system allow users to decide who can add them to groups. This essential change increases user privacy and helps prevent people from being added to unwanted groups.

Admin controls: We have made several WhatsApp groups that empower users with extra controls. We launched a setting that enables admins to decide who can send messages within Whatsapp groups.