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Seven new features are coming soon on Whatsapp

Seven new features are coming soon on Whatsapp

As many as seven WhatsApp features are coming soon in your mobile, reports by WABetaInfo;

Know what they are and how it will work.

Probably the most liked messaging platform on Earth, WhatsApp, constantly adds new features to make a better experience for users. The Facebook-owned message platform is setting to get many new features soon on both the Android and iOS versions of the app. These recent changes have been listed by WABetaInfo, a website that will exclusively track WhatsApp and upcoming features and changes. Some of the new features that WABetaInfo has reported were confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart.

Some features listed below are in the list and have already rolled out to Android or iOS WhatsApp users.

In case these features are not available on the app that you are using, fret not. They will be soon. While some of these features are just cosmetic changes to how the UI looks, some are pretty handy.

1. Chat bubbles redesign

The chat bubbles on WhatsApp are going to change. WhatsApp has reportedly implemented a new redesign for the chat bubbles, currently available for Android beta testers. The chat bubbles will look more extensive, more rounded, and sport a fresh green color with the new look. These will also be available in light and dark mode.

2. Message reactions

You will soon react to messages on WhatsApp just like you can on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. And you will also be using it the same way as you do on Instagram and Messenger. You tap and hold a message for the reactions to appear and then drag your finger to the emoji you want. These reactions will appear below the text and be visible to everyone if the message is in a group.

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3. Voice messages to get a new interface

You will soon be able to listen to voice messages before sending them on a new UI. WhatsApp is adding a stop button to voice messages, and users can listen to the clip before they send it. There’s an option to delete the message if you don’t like it, of course.

4. WhatsApp contact cards to get a new design

WhatsApp contact cards, or the way your name appears when someone taps on them, will be redesigned. The info button will move next to the contact name on the new cards, and the profile picture will no longer appear square.

5. If a message reaction you have received does not open, you’ll know

There is an extension of the second feature we’ve listed above. If you and your contacts are on different app versions and someone sends an emoji as a message reaction that other users’ apps do not support, they will be informed. WhatsApp will prompt you to update your app by telling you that your running version does not keep receiving reactions. This feature is going to roll out once message reacti0ns roll out.

6. New photo-editing tools

WhatsApp will get new photo editing tools soon, along with an additional option to add stickers before sending these edited photos. These new tools are just called “Drawing Tools,” They can be used to edit images on WhatsApp Web and the desktop app.

7. New payment shortcut on Android

WhatsApp is working on a new payment shortcut that is going to be integrating into the chat bar. These will allow users to send payments to contacts easily. There will not replace the current Payment option, though, and it will be available additionally.