Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Smart Missed Call Alerts by Bharti Airtel

Smart Missed Call Alerts by Bharti Airtel

Airtel, the second-largest telecom operator in the nation, has brought ‘Smart Missed Call Alerts’ for users. With this feature, users can see missed call alerts when their SIM is out of network coverage.

There is no unique feature, and it is something that Jio subscribers already get. Airtel Smart Missed Call alerts can be seen when users go to the Airtel Thanks app and find the Missed Call Alerts section.

It is a much-needed service that the telco’s users will appreciate. Sometimes we miss out on important calls because we are out of network coverage error and never even get to know about any call nor see a notification of missed call on any calling app. But with the Airtel Smart Missed Call Alerts, users can see every call they missed out on when their SIM is out of network coverage.

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Smart Missed Call Alerts Features How to use

If you are an Airtel customer, whether a postpaid user or a prepaid user, you will be able to purchase the Smart Missed Call feature from the Airtel Thanks application. Any Airtel user with an active plan connection can benefit from this feature regardless of their subscribed plan.

As mentioned earlier, Jio users get this service already. Jio alerts its customers by notifies that they had a missed call when their device was unreachable or out of coverage through direct SMS, which is more convenient than going to a mobile app to check it every time.

If you are not an Airtel customer and want to become one, visit any of the nearest retail stores of the company or order it online through the official website of the telco. You can get a new SIM from the comfort of your home.