Wednesday, 07 December 2022

WhatsApp is rolling out a ‘Last Seen’ privacy feature

WhatsApp is rolling out a ‘Last Seen’ privacy feature

WhatsApp has now rolling out a new feature for iOS users. The messaging platform is adding a new privacy option, which will allow people to hide the “Last Seen” status from specific contacts. The same feature is already available for Android beta users. The feature has now been spotted in the latest iOS beta version, according to WaBetaInfo. Those who have signed up for the beta program will be able to use this feature.

This feature could be a helpful feature for those who want to hide their “Last Seen” from a few people when you don’t want someone to know when you were last online. WhatsApp currently offers only three options to hide Last Seen from your contacts. All the options are self-explanatory.

The first one is Everyone, which means that your last seen will be visible to everyone. The second one is My Contacts. If you opt for this, WhatsApp will show your last seen to only those whose number you have saved in your phone’s address book. There is also a third option, which is ”Nobody.” This means that if you don’t want anyone to know when you went online the last time on WhatsApp, you can choose this option.

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WhatsApp is now testing another option, My Contacts except. This one will allow users to disable the last seen for certain people. This one is still in the testing phase, and only beta users can try it. It is presently unknown when this feature will be released to the stable version of the app. The company has been testing features for a long time now and isn’t expected to take much time.

Besides, WhatsApp recently confirmed that it would soon increase the file-sharing size to offer users more convenience. In a blog post, WhatsApp revealed that users could share up to 2GB of files. Currently, the maximum file sharing size for videos, voice messages, and photos is not more than 16MB. WhatsApp allows you to exchange up to 100MB files in size for documents. Other popular messaging apps like Telegram let you share up to 2GB of files in size.