Friday, 03 February 2023

WhatsApp started offering cashback on UPI payments

WhatsApp started offering cashback on UPI payments

WhatsApp started trying cashback for its UPI-based payments service the previous month. It has now started rolling out the feature to Android beta app users on WhatsApp. The new cashback offer appears like a new method for WhatsApp to push its payment service in India.

The WhatsApp beta software on Android has started displaying a banner on top of the chat list with a message, "Give cash and get ₹51 back." You can get guaranteed cashback of ₹51 up to five times by sending money to unique contacts numbers. WhatsApp also has not set a limit on the amount for this cashback offer. We can confirm this works, so you can send ₹ one you still get ₹51 back. Once you make the payment, ₹51 is immediately credited to your account along with a notification from WhatsApp.

Although the cashback is guaranteed, it looks like you can avail of it only five times. This feature is also available only to beta users and on Android. But considering it's already available for beta users, WhatsApp is expected to make it widely available for all users in India.

With the new feature, WhatsApp looks like it's taking the Google Pay route to lure users into using the payments service. Google Pay also offered a cashback of up to ₹1,000 through scratch cards when it first launched in India. This scheme is still going on, along with coupons for other services. WhatsApp also launched Google Pay-like background cards that add color and personalized experience to payments.

It also added a payment shortcut button right on the chat bar of the app. The WhatsApp Pay shortcut is a rupee symbol button that is very prominent, and you will most likely not miss it.

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How does the cashback offer work and Conditions

WhatsApp has not set any minimum amount for the offer. This means that even users who make a payment of Re 1 will be eligible for the cashback of ₹51.

While there is no minimum amount specified for the offer, the user will only get a cashback five times. This means, in total, the user will be able to achieve ₹255 in cashback using this offer.

WhatsApp has not put many restrictions on the offer. However, the user will have to send money to five different accounts to avail of it. The cashback will be credited instantly to the user's account after an eligible payment is made.

WhatsApp plans to take on its competitors like Google Pay with the new offer. In the initial days after the launch, Google had released similar rewards for its users. The company offered scratch cards that could provide cashback of up to ₹1000. The company gradually moved out of the cashback model and now provides discounts and coupons on certain services.