Wednesday, 07 December 2022

WhatsApp to get new features

WhatsApp to get new features

WhatsApp has continuously added new features to the platform to improve its chat, voice, and video calling abilities. In the latest update, WhatsApp added three new group calls features.

These new features for group calls permit users to know when anyone has joined a group call while also allowing them to message and mute select users in the ring.

Here is the detail of the new features.

Badget Notifications

WhatsApp will let users in a group call know when someone has joined the group call mid-way. This will be done via banner notifications that will pop up on the screen of the existing participants saying, “ABC has joined the call.”

This is helpful, especially with many participants on a group call. A few notifications will be displayed at a time on the screen. The banner notifications will inform you that other users have joined the call even when their addition is not directly visible on-screen.

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Muting users

The new feature allows participants in a WhatsApp group call to selectively mute other users in the ring. This is helpful when you want to listen to one party and may wish to disconnect any unwanted voice from other users at the time.

Selective muting will also make it easier for users to engage in a group call when one or more members are caught in a noisy environment and are unable to mute themselves or exit the call for any reason.

Messaging participants directly

WhatsApp now also lets participants in a group call directly message one another during the call to quickly send relevant bits of information or instructions without disturbing the flow or context of the entire group call itself.

Users who may want to quickly message just one person in a WhatsApp group call without alerting the others can now do so rapidly and seamlessly without missing out on the group call’s conversation.