Wednesday, 07 December 2022

YouTube Introduces several New Features

YouTube Introduces several New Features

California headquartered video sharing and social media platform YouTube has added many new features to its mobile application and web player. These newly introduced features include Most Replayed, Video Chapters, and Seek to Exact Moment.

The most replayed feature is particularly unique as it will now allow users to find the most popular parts of the video they are watching. Let’s take a detailed look at the new features introduced by YouTube.

The Newly Launched Features on YouTube

YouTube had previously released the Most Replayed feature as an experiment only for premium users. But now, the company has announced the feature for all application users, whether they are using iOS, Android, or desktop. YouTube has added a graph section to its video player to show the most replayed parts of a video. Viewers can quickly scroll through the whole video to find the most played details using this graph. YouTube users will have to go through the video using the red playback progress bar to access this graph. The thumbnail over a progress bar will also inform users when they hit the segment that has been “Most replayed.”

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Talking about the other features, YouTube has introduced Video chapters. This segmenting tool was initially launched in May 2020 for Smart TVs and gaming consoles. YouTube’s Chapter tool allows users to jump forward to a particular video section or even rewatch that section.

Another feature launched by YouTube is the Single Loop. According to the company, the Single Loop feature will enable users to loop through a single video endlessly. This feature can be accessed from the same settings option where you change video quality, subtitles, and more. Moreover, changes have been made to the full-screen mode as it will now display the video description, video chapters, and comments.

Lastly, without revealing much, YouTube has announced a new feature called Seek to Exact Moment, which will be initially only available to the premium users of the platform. As understandable by the name, the feature will enable users to go to the exact moment in the video they are interested in.