Friday, 03 February 2023

Youtube to remove Dislike button

Youtube to remove Dislike button

On 11th November 2021, YouTube announced significant upcoming changes that will be arriving on its platform. The company will make the "dislike" count on all videos private on its app and website. Youtube to remove Dislike button

The dislike button will still be there, but you won't see the number of dislikes.

This decision is a big deal considering this simple feature has been on the platform since the start. Youtube to remove Dislike button and the vast number of users on the popular video-sharing platform will no longer be able to determine the overall reception of the video. YouTube believes that this change is better from a creator's standpoint, as content creators/YouTubers will now be better protected against harassment and reduce the threat of what it refers to as "dislike attacks."

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This is essentially when several users team up to raise the number of dislikes that a video receives for those unaware. According to the company, the dislikes count will no longer be visible to the users, although the dislike button will not be removed. So, users can still click the thumbs down button. Still, the actual count of these dislikes will only be visible to the video creator alongside other statistics related to their video via YouTude Studio.

Notably, the move from the company arrives after an experiment that it ran earlier this year. The reason for the experiment was to find whether these changes would reduce dislike attacks and creator harassment. The company also explained that the dislike count affects creators' well-being and could motivate targeted dislike campaigns. Although while the reasoning might be sound, the dislike button was quite helpful for other reasons. Before, one could determine if a video is misleading through clickbait or even if it's potentially a scam by looking at the dislikes.

The change will start rolling out immediately, but you may still see dislike counts under videos for a while